Since its founding in 1927, The Office of James Ruderman LLP has added character and class to the New York City skyline - and beyond. Over 80 years ago James Ruderman had a vision - to create a structural engineering firm with a unique blend of technical knowledge, extraordinary experience, and an incredible devotion to our clients. Since then, OJR has seen exciting and spectacular change, as the firm has expanded James Ruderman's vision with imagination and intelligence, creating a tremendously successful and excellent reality.

Today, we are a dynamic and trusted professional structural engineering firm which offers innovative, imaginative, and cost efficient excellence to clients with diverse needs.

The magnificence of our history lies within our hi-rise structures which line city avenues and neighborhood streets. We are proud to call the Met Life Building, Columbia University, Park Avenue Plaza, 55 Water Street, the Time, Inc. building and countless other projects, our projects.

OJR has established itself as a cornerstone for excellence in engineering. We have garnered a reputation of ensuring quality, rigorous attention, timeliness and cost effectiveness. This firm is a syndication of cutting edge technology and seasoned experience, imaginative solutions and traditional personal relations. Our clients' continued trust in our team and our work is our greatest satisfaction. We feel privileged to have wonderful relationships with our wide range of clients - some of which we have had for decades! We are equally as excited to work with new clients and nurture new relationships.

Met Life Building